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PARTICIPATION: L. P. Pilgrimages and suppliers contracted for services reserve the right to refuse to accept or retain any person whose behavior is deemed likely to affect the smooth operations of a pilgrimage, or adversely affect the enjoyment or safety of other passengers. L. P. Pilgrimages, its agents, and suppliers shall be under no liability to any such person for refund, compensation, repatriation or any other matters arising.
CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: Once a deposit or partial/full payment has been made, cancellations will only be accepted in writing. Cancellation terms will be applied based on the date the written cancellation is received.
Each participant shall pay a Non-Refundable Enrollment fee to book travel.
In addition to the Non-Refundable Enrollment fee which is part of the package cost, the following cancellation charges will apply off the total tour\pilgrimage cost regardless of reason for cancellation:
120 –90 days prior to departure 25% of total tour\pilgrimage cost
89 –45 days prior to departure 50% of total tour\pilgrimage cost
45 – 0 days prior to departure NO REFUND
Additionally, once tickets are issued the ticket value is non-refundable. 
Requests for a refund must be in writing (mail, fax or e-mail). Phone calls cannot be used as a form of cancellation. Refunds will be issued within 30 to 60 days of receipt of written notice. All refunds will be issued via check or ACH. No change of names or substitutions are permitted. No refund or cancellation fees will be waived due to death or sickness.
*Special departures may have different conditions; please carefully review the terms & conditions for each departure.

TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Why is travel insurance so important?

In today’s changing travel environment, it’s important to protect your travel investment so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Unforeseen events such as flight delays, baggage loss or even a sudden sickness or injury could impact your travel plans. For your convenience, we offer Travelex Insurance Services Travel Basic and Travel Select protection plans to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.

For more information on the available plans click here or contact Travelex Insurance 800-228-9792 and reference location number 10-0293.




The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries and may be changed without notice. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc CA Agency License #0D10209. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276. V94


Please note: All terms, conditions, exclusions and provisions of the plan apply. All benefits will be determined at the time a claim may occur based on the information and documentation submitted.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: Air transportation is in economy class on IATA-approved carriers. Ticketing must be completed no later than 14 days prior to departure. Fares are based on levels in effect at the time of printing and prices and schedules are subject to change without notice. All is subject to the airlines terms of carriage. L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for any cancellations, loss, delays, injury, illness, or expenses incurred due to actions made by the airlines. Business class is available at additional cost for the Trans-Atlantic portions of your ticket. For any issues which arise in relation to airline service complaints and compensation should be addressed to the specific carrier.  No refunds shall be issued after airline tickets have been purchased by L.P. Pilgrimages.
YOUR PACKAGE PRICE: Rates are based on airline fuel surcharges and applicable exchange rates at the date of quotation to your host, which are subject to change.
Airfare and Exchange rates are subject to change up to 30 days prior to departure.
All other services rates are subject to change up to 11 months prior to departure.
Any additional fees will be added to your final billing.

AIRPORT TAXES, FEES & FUEL: Airport taxes (up to $800) are included in our pilgrimage packages. Airport taxes are based on departure city and government fees (airport taxes include Federal Inspection Fees for the U.S. Customs and Immigration; International Air Transportation Tax; Agricultural tax; security fees, and other airport related taxes).
SEAT ASSIGNMENT: Random seats are assigned for all group participants. If you would like to secure a specific seat, or sit with a companion please advise us of such request at the time of booking, we will make an effort to accommodate you; however, we cannot guarantee seat assignment. If you must have specific seat, we recommend you to be at the airport at least three hours prior to departure and arrange the seat assignment with your airline's gate agent. Bulkhead and exit row seating can never be requested prior to the day of departure. L. P. Pilgrimages can never guarantee specific seats. Seats are at the assigned at the discretion of the airline & seats are pending availability, subject to aircraft/seat map changes.
LAND ONLY (WITHOUT AIRFARE) AND TRANSFERS: If you choose to purchase a Land Only (Without Airfare package)and arrange your own domestic or international flight independently of us, be advised that L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for domestic or international flights or transfers of any kind in the event of a cancellation. Further more, L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for airline penalties caused by date or tour\pilgrimage schedule changes. Booked or purchased items outside of L. P. Pilgrimages are sole responsibility of client.
HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel accommodations are based on twin-bedded or double rooms. L. P. Pilgrimages reserves the right to substitute similar category hotels without prior notice.
SHARING ROOM: If passengers are traveling alone, and are registered prior to 60 days before departure, and wish to have L. P. Pilgrimages assign a roommate we will do our best; however, if we do not succeed in assigning a same sex roommate for you, we will provide you with a single supplement discount. Registrations made within 60 days of departure, the passenger will be responsible for the additional Single Supplement fees in full.
HOTEL CHECK IN: Check in at hotels is 2PM. L. P. Pilgrimages requests for early check in; however, all is pending on hotel the day of arrival. Therefore, if your flight arrives early in the morning your room may not be ready for check in. In this instance you may leave your luggage in a secured area with hotel staff and enjoy some free time to explore, perhaps indulge in a local breakfast.
PRIVATE ROOMS AND SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: A limited number of single rooms is available (on request basis only) at the supplement price. Single rooms provide privacy, but they are in some hotels smaller than twin or double rooms and sometimes may be poorly located, especially in the older hotels. As a general ratio we are able to confirm 10% of the total number of group participants in single rooms. If ratio is higher special supplements may be implemented for something referred to "single in double room" at an additional rate to the single supplement rate listed.
MEALS: L. P. Pilgrimages meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, or breakfast and dinner daily (refer to website or brochure "your tour\pilgrimage includes"). Although we cannot guarantee, we will try to accommodate all special meal requests.
BAGGAGE: L.P. Pilgrimages allows one checked bag, one small carry-on and one personal item because of limited bus storage space. In general, L.P. Pilgrimages adheres to the airline size regulations of one checked suitcase weighing up to 50 lbs (23 kg) and maximum dimensions of 62 in (158 cm) calculated by adding the length + the width + the height of the bag, one small carry on bag weighing up to 18lbs (9 kg measuring 8" x 14" x 22"), and one personal item (i.e. purse, laptop case). Please check with your specific airline to verify the size and weight allowances. L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for the loss of, theft of, delay, or damage to a participant's belongings.
RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE: L. P. Pilgrimages acts as a tour\pilgrimage operator. The suppliers providing transportation, sightseeing arrangements and hotel accommodations for the tour\pilgrimage program are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of L. P. Pilgrimages. All coupons, receipts and tickets issued are subject to the terms and conditions specified by suppliers. By utilizing the service of the suppliers, you agree that L. P. Pilgrimages will not be liable for any change in flight or itinerary schedule, strikes, delay, acts of governments, fires, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantine, medical or customs regulations, accident, loss, injury, or damage to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any accommodations, transportation or any other services or resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence or conditions beyond its control, including defects in vehicles, breakdown in equipment, thefts, delay or cancellation of or changes in itinerary for any act, omission, or event during the time you are on board the aircraft. Neither L. P. Pilgrimages and/or agents of the airlines concerned are to be held responsible for the late arrival or departure on return of passengers at airports or hotels due to inclement weather or other reasons, nor are we to be held liable for payment or any refund for transfers or unused hotel accommodations or meals occasioned by such late arrivals at the hotels holding rooms as confirmed itineraries. Passengers must bear all such losses or expenses. To guard against unforeseen health or other circumstances, we recommend you purchase our optional insurance. L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control. In circumstances where tour\pilgrimage cancellations resulting from the inability for tour\pilgrimage to depart as scheduled, such as cancellations due to acts of war and/or terrorism, war, God, or nature takes place, L. P. Pilgrimages is not liable for restitution. Though every effort will be made to follow the itinerary, it should be considered as an indication of the tour, rather than a contract of places to be visited. Occasionally local religious holidays, national days, traffic conditions and other events may necessitate changes in the sequence of visits or the missing of certain visits. We will have daily Mass and strive to be in places as indicated. However, sometimes the site may not be available for Mass or itinerary changes are forced upon us. In this case an alternative site for Mass will be arranged.
You must report any disability requiring special attention to L. P. Pilgrimages at the time of registration for any pilgrimage. We make every effort to accommodate disabled passengers by reserving for them wheelchair assistance at airports and handicap accessible rooms where available, however, we cannot guarantee and are not responsible for any denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers. Be aware that all of our pilgrimages are operated outside the U.S. where the Americans with Disabilities Act is not applicable and facilities for disabled individuals are limited. Most transportation services, including the touring motor coaches, are not equipped with wheelchair ramps or lifts. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to any pilgrimage participant for walking, dining, while in their room, on flight, getting on and off motor coaches and other vehicles, or other personal needs. A qualified and physically able companion(s) must accompany passengers who need special assistance. It is the passenger Traveler's responsibility to arrange for such assistance prior to making their reservations. L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for any medical condition that occurs prior, during or after the pilgrimage. Additionally, airlines are not able to guarantee or provide assistance for disabled passengers including special seating.
YOUNG TRAVELERS: Travelers who are less than 18 years old on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult. Due to heightened security, many countries have adopted practices to prevent international abductions of children. If a child will be traveling with adults other than the parents or with only one parent, it is recommended that a notarized letter be written by the parents or non-traveling parent granting authorization to including the dates of travel . We also suggest that you contact the appropriate consulate and airlines because they may have additional requirements. For the purposes of L. P. Pilgrimages trips an infant is defined as anyone who is under the age of 24 months for the entire duration of their trip. A child is defined as any one between the ages of 24 months and 11 years for the entire duration of their trip.
SAFETY: Please be aware that during your participation on pilgrimages operated by L. P. Pilgrimages, certain risks and dangers may arise beyond our control including, but not limited to, the hazards of travelling in undeveloped areas; by boat, train, automobile, aircraft or other means of transportation; the forces of nature, political unrest and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. L. P. Pilgrimages does not have liability regarding provisions of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. L.P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for compensation for cities/sites omitted from the itinerary due to circumstances beyond its control.  Notwithstanding any other provision in this Agreement, L.P. Pilgrimages’ maximum aggregate liability for any claims of any kind under any cause of action or legal theory arising from or related to this Agreement shall be limited to the amounts actually paid by the Traveler to L.P. Pilgrimages.
PHYSICALITY OF OUR TOURS: Please note that almost all destinations serviced by L. P. Pilgrimages require physical fitness and a lot of walking, sometimes up/or down hills and at times very rough terrain. You may certainly stay behind for certain parts of the pilgrimage, however, it is suggested that 3 to 4 weeks before your departure one should begin preparing physically begin walking "briskly" 1-2 times a day; build up to 2-3 miles with no discomfort.
SERVICE INQUIRIES AFTER THE TRIP: If upon returning from your trip, you wish to inquire about any services provided, please ensure that all correspondence is received by L. P. Pilgrimages, P. O. Box 2015 Lawrenceville, GA 30046, within 45 days of the pilgrimage completion date. This will enable us to make a timely investigation.
PILGRIMAGE CANCELLATION BY OPERATOR: On rare occasion, a pilgrimage departure may be cancelled due to lack of participation. In the event L. P. Pilgrimages cancels a departure, a full refund will be issued.

FORCE MAJEURE:  L.P. Pilgrimages is not liable to the other for any delay or failure to perform its respective obligations hereunder if caused by an event of natural disaster, casualty, acts of God, riots, strikes, war, military action, or other concerted acts of workers, terrorism, governmental acts or such other event of similar nature, whether direct or indirect, that are beyond the reasonable control of L.P. Pilgrimages. If the delay or failure continues beyond 90 calendar days, L. P. Pilgrimages may in its sole discretion reschedule the pilgrimage or cancel it. Cancellation for event caused by Force Majeure will not be eligible for refund.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION:  Any dispute regarding these Terms shall be first presented to mediation in which the parties shall negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute.  For any claims not resolved at mediation, the parties consent to venue and jurisdiction in the State Courts of Gwinnett County, Georgia and consent to jurisdiction in those courts for any claim  against L.P. Pilgrimages.   


Though every effort will be made to follow the itinerary, it should be considered as an indication, rather than a contract of places to be visited. Occasionally local religious holidays, national days, weather, traffic conditions and other events may necessitate changes in the sequence of visits or the missing of certain visits.
L. P. Pilgrimages is not responsible for typographical or print Traveler's errors including errors in tour\pilgrimage cost. We reserve the right to re-invoice or correct billing at any time.

I have carefully read the Terms and Conditions on the back of this reservation form and the booking information sections of this document, and fully understand its contents.


I warrant and represent that all of the information provided by me is true and accurate and that I have been authorized by all persons named on this reservation form to execute this agreement on their behalf and accordingly, I sign my name both as their agent and on my own behalf. I/we agree to indemnify the Organizer for any costs. Where card details are provided I authorize L. P. Pilgrimages to charge the “Total enclosed” amount outlined in the Payment Details section.

Israel: Paulus VI Street 82 Nazareth 1616001 - USA: 25 Simonton Rd. Lawrenceville GA 30046

IL: +972 4 374 0055  Fax: +972 4 601 9185  USA: Toll Free 1 833 910 1545

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