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Join our new “Shepherd” program for priests, deacons and leaders who believe in our goal of helping the “Living Stones”, Christians of the Holy Land.


Shepherds can lead or promote a pilgrimage to a variety of spiritual destinations, Marian Shrines and or our specialty, the Holy Land. Our team provides personal service, media packages, internet platforms and other necessary tools to ensure a successful pilgrimage. Regardless of your level of experience our team is fully committed to you.



Step 1: Fill in the form Below “Lead Your Pilgrimage” and submit it.

  1. Or call us toll free 1-833-910-1545

  2. Or send an email to LeAnn@lpjp.org


Step 2: Our team will contact you to define the dates of your pilgrimage and design the itinerary based on your needs and desired destination.  A detailed proposal plan and price quotation will be provided.


Step 3: Our team will secure, flights, accommodations and all land services as well as provide access to travel insurance.  


Step 4: Our Shepherd’s sales package includes:

  1. General price quotation that includes all services.

  2. 500 custom designed color brochures which include a registration form to distribute in your parish.

  3. Custom online pilgrimage page and payment portal information.

  4. Team support for all pilgrims at our toll-free number. (972 4 374 0055)

  5. Airline reservation assistance for those individuals needing to join the group from a different departure city.

  6. Travel Insurance protection information.


Step 5: Registration process via enrollment form included in your pilgrimage brochure or online via our website: www.gopilgrimage.com.


Step 6: A team member will arrange a final pilgrimage meeting for the Shepherds and pilgrims approximately 4 weeks prior to departure to answer last minute questions to prepare for the pilgrimage.


Pilgrims will receive:

  1. Name badge

  2. Hat

  3. Bag

  4. Map

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