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Our Past Pilgrims Reviews

CDA Florida Pilgrimage Nov. 2022

Thank you LeAnn! Thank you again for a life changing experience. May God continue to bless you always. 
Judy and Dan Grim

You’re up early, LeAnn. Thank you!
We enjoyed our Holy Land trip and the great group of people we were with. 
We’re also happy to be home. 
Hope you get some rest and relaxation after herding our group through the Holy Land. 
We wish you the peace and joy of the Christmas season now and through a happy, healthy New Year. 
Rashmi & Vijay,

Thank you for sending these!  What a great trip!  We don’t feel so good now but we had the best time. 
I love the Holy Rosary Sisters and their Chapel. Can’t wait to go back there.
Thank you so very much for our Pilgrim shell ceremony.  I think it was genius having all the pilgrims join in so they can learn about the Order. I had lots of questions about the Order.  Well done!
Looking forward to chatting with you later,

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I loved this trip! Everything was more than I expected!

By Janell Weber for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Matt & Dcn. Hal on Feb 04, 2020



The accommodation for this trip were great. I got very tired of the food and I felt it was too much. It would be better to offer those of us who don't eat a lot alternatives from the huge buffets that are always offered. I did not like being dropped off for shopping for longer times than some of the places I really wanted to see. I understand these people may need assistance but their shops did not make me believe that. I loved going to the Holy Land.

By Colleen Schneckenburger for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Nathan & Dcn. Hal on Jan 13, 2020



I felt a sense of profound fulfillment on this trip. Some of my companions who has done the same thing with other tour groups told me they had a better experience this time around. First of all, the hotels were just a few steps from the places we visited so we had shorter trips on the bus. Our guide Ibrahim was really good at making sure we left early so we never experienced the long lines and wait, no time was wasted. We also were able to have masses at the shrines which the group really appreciated. How did he mange to do that! He never left us until we were safely inside the premises of the airport and past customs. Our small group really bonded and we became closer towards the end of the trip.

By Mardonia Samson for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Rick Van De Water on Dec 25, 2019



The trip was unforgettable. To see and walk in the places where Jesus walked was a miracle. It will take me many months to digest it all. Fr. Matt and Deacon Hal made the hours spent in the bus spiritual and interesting. The people were universally kind and helpful to one another. And, what can I say? Fr. Nathan was Fr. Nathan . . . Many thanks to all who made this possible.

By Patricia McEahern for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Matt & Dcn. Hal on Dec 24, 2019



We had an awesome time! Everything was so well organized and the tour guides and bus drivers were amazing! We were able to see everything on the itinerary, and had some very touching and spiritual experiences

By Lori Fritz for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Matt & Dcn. Hal on Dec 24, 2019



We had a great time. Some of our accommodations were unique and enjoyable. The food was good and an opportunity to eat food from the local area. I saw bananas being sold at fresh produce markets. To my delight, we some for dinner that evening. It was strenuous, but we knew that from the beginning. Your best friend is a walking stick.

By JoAnn Book for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Nathan & Dcn. Hal on Dec 23, 2019



We had such a wonderful and blessed trip to the Holy Land! We will never forget the wonderful guides and how easy your hard work and planning made our perfect trip! Thank you! Valerie and Aubrey

By Aubrey Fite for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Nathan & Dcn. Hal on Dec 22, 2019



I could not have asked for our pilgrimage to be any better. LeAnne was fantastic from booking to farewell at the airport. Our itinerary was perfect and built to a perfect last day. Our guides were amazing, knowledgable and fun. The food was wonderful and plentiful. Our accommodations were lovely, comfortable and well situated. I will look into traveling with LP Pilgrimages again in the future. Start to finish, a once in a lifetime experience!!! I am humbled and grateful for how much effort went into making sure our trip was outstanding.

By Susan Bolger for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Matt & Dcn. Hal on Dec 21, 2019



I really enjoyed the trip. Unfortunately, my wife’s asthma flared up due to the amount of walking involved to some of the early locations. Consequently she Had to miss most of the final three days of the trip. I would suggest limiting the Pilgrimage to fewer of the more important sites which would allow more time at each site.

By Harry Plummer for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Nathan & Dcn. Hal on Dec 20, 2019



We were overwhelmed by the trip. It was a wonderful experience.

By mary vulcani for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Nathan & Dcn. Hal on Dec 17, 2019



It was an amazing trip! From planes to buses it was all great; the food and hotels were very nice, our tour guide was incredible!

By Margaret Martin for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Nathan & Dcn. Hal on Dec 16, 2019



It was a well planned pilgrimage and included so many Holy sites and Spiritual experiences. I can’t think of how it could be better. Deacon Hal led our bus well and our guide, Maher, was so knowledgeable and helpful. Fr. Matt added a beautiful spiritual dimension. All went smoothly, except for the rocky, uneven walkways and steps of the Holy Land. We have made new friends at our parish to encourage along our faith journey. 

By Cecilia LeChevallier for 12 DAY HOLY LAND - Fr. Matt & Dcn. Hal on Dec 15, 2019



This trip was wonderful - Sam was a great tour guide and if I were to go again, I’d like to go with him - he is very knowledgeable. Thank you for an amazing experience. 

By Jacqueline Lopez for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND from JFK Fr. Alphonse Olive & Fr. Michael Cunningham on Nov 10, 2019



Thank you for a fantastic trip! The accommodations were great, good food, and lunch stops were at clean and comfortable places. Can't say enough about our guide, Sammy. He was so knowledgeable about the area, the bible, and traditions of the people of Israel. He is a jewel! I have a deeper understanding of the bible and the area where Christ was born, lived, preached and performed miracles, and died. 

By Rose Van Dyke for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND from IAD Fr. Alphonse Olive & Fr. Michael Cunningham on Nov 02, 2019



This was the perfect pilgrimage: a great group of people united by faith, deeply prayerful and with the right amount of comradery and alone time with God in our walk. Very well put together and the few things that didn't quite work, were quickly fixed by the team. We left friends, we came back brothers and sisters. Praised be God!

By Gaby Litke for Fatima & Camino de Santiago the Portuguese Way on Oct 14, 2019



We had a great time, wonderful company. The accommodation was great, except the Manger Hotel in Nazareth. The appearance of the room was disgusting, our bathroom was leaking, the carpet was worn out. Nevertheless, the hotel was attentive to our requests, quick room service. We wish we could have stayed longer in Olive Tree Hotel. Overall, I will rate our pilgrimage as excellent. Both of our tour guides, Ibrahim in Israel and Omar in Jordan were very knowledgeable. 

By Gloria Esguerra for 13 D HOLY LAND AND JORDAN - Land Only (Mr. Remiel Resuma) on Oct 04, 2019



The tour was a wonderful experience for my wife Lily and myself. Father Niru was a very dedicated spiritual leader who provided us appropriate and relevant messages regarding our activities (and a lot of entertaining jokes!). We had a very knowledgeable, thorough and kind tour leader Anton who gave us many insights and background as to the local history and traditions, religious and scriptural dimensions, and sociopolitical background of Israel and the West Bank area, The liturgical activities including the daily Masses, renewal of wedding vows and renewal of baptismal promises were very meaningful. Many compliments to our expert and well-qualified tour coordinator LeAnn Brand for keeping things organized and keeping us in good spirits! The choices of accommodations, and meals was excellent, and LeAnn was always well-attentive to our needs. Despite the rapid pace of the schedule, and the early wake-up calls, this Pilgrimage was a fantastic experience and helped to deepen our faith through better understanding the context of our Biblical history and the events of Christ's life, ministry, death, resurrection and Ascension on earth. I give this tour and the Latin Patriarchate top praises for their efforts and sponsorship of this pilgrimage! 

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By Michael McCabe for 12 DAYS HOLY LAND - Led by Fr. Niranjan Kanmury, STD on Jul 02, 2019



In spite of plane delay and missed connecting flight, the rest of the trip turned out AWESOME. Our Tour Leader, Lee Ann, thoughtfully adjusted itinerary to ensure all sites on the original route were visited. Anton Farah, our guide was phenomenal., a walking Encyclopedia indeed. Learned a whole bunch from him. The entire trip was First-Rate. Thank you Fr. Kanmury and Deacon Pete for the daily mass and prayers (and of course, the jokes :). We are glad and thankful of being part of the pilgrimage. 

By Ricardo Orias for 12 DAYS HOLY LAND - Led by Fr. Niranjan Kanmury, STD on Jul 01, 2019



A little problem with British Airway at the start, once we got to Israel it was GREAT. I would recommend this trip to everyone.

By Peter Johnson for 12 DAYS HOLY LAND - Led by Fr. Niranjan Kanmury, STD on Jun 30, 2019



We had a fantastic trip. Fr. Kanmury made sure that we experience a great spiritual journey. Renewal of Wedding vows at Cana, renewal of Baptismal rites at River Jordan, the Way of the Cross at Via Dolorosa and everyday Mass in the Holy Land made this a trip of a lifetime. Our tour guide, Anton Farah is a great storyteller, historian and Bible scholar. The colorful stories he relays on the Holy Sites we visited is further reinforced and complimented by Fr. Kanmury's additional comments. The bus rides were fun especially with the three a day jokes by Fr. Kanmury. The food was great at the start. But after awhile, I grew tired of having similar dishes and salad bar items in most meals that I eagerly looked forward to Pizza lunch on our last lunchtime. Overall I am very thankful for the deep spiritual growth.

By Restituto Galvante for 12 DAYS HOLY LAND - Led by Fr. Niranjan Kanmury, STD on Jun 30, 2019



We had a wonderful time.! Thank you so much. Shout out to LeAnn Brand our awesome and generous coordinator, Anton our vey knowledgeable tour guide and Saher our very skillful driver. We’ll recommend Latin Pilgrimage to our friends. Father Niru’s knowledge and spiritual guidance helped us in our faith journey. We were also blessed with an awesome group of pilgrims. 

By Editha Quicho for 12 DAYS HOLY LAND - Led by Fr. Niranjan Kanmury, STD on Jun 27, 2019



We enjoyed the trip. The first accommodations were not what we expected. The rooms were ok but the food was not very appealing. 

By Craig Schouvieller for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND - from Denver with Fr. Dennis & Dcn. Hal on Jun 03, 2019



Great trip. Good food excellent accommodation and our tour guide was knowledgeable. LP is very good to work with.

By Sharon Hodge for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND - from Denver with Fr. Dennis & Dcn. Hal on Jun 03, 2019



It was a very interesting trip. Somewhat arduous in spots when the heat was very high and the activity level at American standards, something to do every minute. The group was very pleasant to travel with. We had Mass every day, which was nice for me. The places we stayed were nice, the last place was very conveniently across the street from the Old City of Jerusalem. That was special. Their buffet was the best with a wide variety of dishes to tempt us. 

By MARY ANN McCoy for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND - from Denver with Fr. Dennis & Dcn. Hal on May 26, 2019



We were immersed in the Holy Land...the history, the Catholic faith, today's political profile and surrounded by great people. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and the tour scheduled Mass every day in key historic churches all while focusing on minimizing our time spent standing in lines. Slight adjustments were made to our schedule to accommodate the best timing in visiting various shrines. We had good food and lodging which kept everyone smiling. This was a trip of a life-time!

By Pamela Schmidt for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND - from Denver with Fr. Dennis & Dcn. Hal on May 26, 2019



The Holy Land Pilgrimage went beyond my expectations. Accommodations and food were great, but the skill and knowledge of everybody...from our guide to our driver was outstanding. We celebrated Mass daily at exceptional sites, bringing the gospels to life. And to top it off, we supported the Christians in the Holy Land. I very very highly recommend this Pilgrimage!!

By Kathleen Quintana for 11 DAYS HOLY LAND - from Denver with Fr. Dennis & Dcn. Hal on May 26, 2019

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