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  • Do I need a passport?
    Yes. A valid passport is required for international travel. It must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your return date. If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately as it normally takes 4-6 weeks to process. Once you have your passport, you must submit the information to our office at least 105 days prior to departure to ensure accurate ticketing. This can be done by phone, mail or via your online account on our website.
  • How do I get a passport?
    You can obtain an application at your nearest passport office, courthouse, post office, or online. You will need a certified birth certificate (with raised seal and file number) and 2 duplicate non-glossy photo­ graphs measuring 2x2 inches taken within 6 months of the application. For more information regarding passports, you• can go online to
  • Will I need a visa?
    US & Canadian citizens do not need a visa for Israel. Visas are required for everyone traveling to Jordan & Egypt; however, we will arrange for group visas once all passport information has been received by our office Note: If you are not an American or Canadian citizen. you will need to check with the nearest consulate to find out if visas are required and if so. how to get one.
  • Will I need vaccinations?
    None are required, but you may wish to contact your personal physician for his/her advice.
  • How soon do I need to choose a pre- or post-tour (if applicable)?
    Immediately. These tours can be added, space permitting, up to 105 days prior to departure. If you join a pre-tour without the rest of your group, you will meet up with them at the hotel on the 1st night of the basic tour. Note: Extensions require a minimum number of participants to operate.
  • What if I can't find a roommate?
    While we will try to match you with a roommate, we cannot guarantee one will be available. If no room-mate can be found, you will be responsible for the single room supplement, as listed under the "Accommodations" section of the Fine Print in your brochure. This notification can come to you as late as 30 days prior to departure.
  • When is payment due?
    Your second deposit is due 150 days prior to departure. Final payment for your trip is due 90 days prior to departure (unless stated otherwise on your brochure). There after a late payment fee of $100 will be assessed. Make sure to review your billing statement for specific dates and information about any discounts (if applicable).
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Call our office immediately and then submit your cancellation in writing. Please refer to your tour Contract for information regarding cancellation fees. you will be charged the single room supplement if your cancellation forces your roommate into a single room. If you have travel insurance with cancellation coverage, contact insurance company immediately file your claim.
  • Will my tour schedule e change?
    We reserve the right to alter sightseeing itinerary to accommodate changes in local condition possible, you will be notified of changes prior to departure.
  • What airline will be used?
    We have contracts with many airlines including EI-AI, Royal Jordanian, Lufthansa, Delta, British Airways& United, or other.
  • May I choose which airline I travel on?
    Due to the volume of guests have traveling on various itineraries, you cannot choose which line to fly on.
  • When may I receive my flight information?
    Flight information is available, approximately 30 days prior to departure. You will be mailed your flight schedule along with your other travel documents 2-3 weeks before your tour begins.
  • May I purchase my own dome ticket to the departure city?
    Yes, how ever keep in mind that flight schedule will not be avail; until around 30 days prior to departure, which could make coordinating your flights to ours difficult. strongly recommend that you NOT purchase discount tick which could end up costing more in the event of a cancellation or change. AII flight times are subject to change without advanced notice. Airlines have been known to change flight times by 5 or more hours or cancel flights completely.
  • Will all flights go through New York City (JFK)?
    No. Groups can depart from several of the major international departure gateways throughout the US and on some cases will connect through Europe.
  • May I purchase my own international tickets?
    Yes. This option is called traveling "Ground Only". However, please remember that transfers between the airport & hotels are not included in the ground only package, and are therefore your responsibility. You will meet the group at the first hotel, and leave the group at the last hotel.
  • Who is responsible for any airline schedule changes and/or expenses?
    Flight times are subject to change by the airlines without advance notice. We are not responsible for changes and/or delays in airline schedules nor any expenses associated with such changes. NOTE: Should you incur any expenses due to a scheduling change, make sure to keep your receipts as you may be able to be reimbursed through your travel insurance policy if you chose to purchase one.
  • How early should arrive at the airport?
    Due to the increased security at airports, we recommend arriving at least Three hours prior to departure for domestic flights and at least three hours prior for international flights.
  • What if I miss my flight or it is cancelled on the day of departure?
    Contact us immediately. After that, go speak to a gate agent to see when the next available flight will be. It is the airline's responsibility to get you to your destination as soon as possible. Once you have your new schedule, be sure to call our office so we can let our overseas staff know when to expect you so we can arrange a new transfer time for your group if necessary. NOTE: Our emergency line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Refer to your travel folder and flight letter for phone number information. Please listen carefully to the instructions given in the recording.
  • May I request special seating and/or meals on my flights?
    Yes. Requests should be submitted to our office in writing at least 105 days prior to departure. However, we cannot guarantee that your requests will be honored, as it is ultimately the airline's decision. Recently airline companies charge for seats allocations.
  • What about frequent flier miles?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to process miles towards your flights and/or upgrades. However, you may earn miles for your flights. To do so, please provide a gate agent with your frequent flier number at check in. information about your airline's frequent flier program is available on the airline's website.
  • Will my group travel together on the same airline?
    We will do our utmost to keep your group together while traveling. However, it is possible that some groups may be on different flights and/or carriers depending on individual itineraries, availability of seats, routing & the size of the group. Even if you travel on different flights, you will meet your group upon arrival at the first hotel and will stay with them for the duration of your tour.
  • How much luggage am I allowed to bring?
    Due to limited space available for luggage on the motor coach, only ONE suitcase (limited to approximately 44 lbs), one carry-on and one personal item (purse, laptop case, etc.) are allowed. Most airlines will accept a maximum of 62 linear inches (length + width + depth) for checked luggage. Please review your specific airline's currentlu9 gage requirements. on their website. Carry-ons & personal items must fit under your seat or in the over head compartment of the plane, and under your seat or in your lap while on the motor coach. We will provide you with a luggage tag for your checked item, however we strongly recommend that you attach your own tags on each item you carry as well.
  • What ticket i receive?
    Your ticket is an electronic ticket (“e-ticket”) When checking into the airport, provide your passport and your e-ticket confirmation to provide to the check-in agent or Kiosk.
  • What if my luggage is lost or damaged?
    File a claim at the airport before you leave the baggage claim area. It is the airline's responsibility to get lost luggage to you or compensate you for damaged Baggage.
  • Will a company representative meet us at the airport?
    Yes. Our personnel will meet you upon arrival at your final destination, and will accompany you to the airport at the end of your tour. ln most cases there will not be a representative at US airports.
  • What can I expect upon arrival?
    After going through customs, you will be met by our representative just outside the baggage claim area who will give you instructions. Collect your luggage and pay attention to the directions. En route to the hotel, you will also be told the procedures for luggage & checking in. Porters will only handle your primary piece of luggage. You are responsible for your carry-ons.
  • What is the difference in our time zones?
    Israel, Jordan and Egypt are 7 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.
  • How long will it take to get from the airport tס the hotel?
    Times will vary. Keep in mind your hotel may be in a different city than airport. Hotel rooms will be available mid-afternoon.
  • What are the hotel rooms like?
    Depends on the hotel standard in your package. If you are staying in a 4 and 5 stars hotels, rooms are First Class or better. Each room will have a private shower TV and phone and can accommodate 2 people. If you are staying in a Christian guest house, the rooms are more modest.
  • Are hair dryers available?
    Some, but not all hotels will have hairdryers.
  • Will I have internet access?
    Nearly all hotels will offer internet access (charges may apply). Please see the front desk for current rates. Also, many touring coaches have onboard Wi-Fi.
  • How can I call home?
    Calls may be made from your hotel room phone for a fee. You may also either rent an international cell phone or bring your own cell phone with you. Note: Contact your wireless carrier to find out if your phone will work overseas, and if so, what the rates will be. We do not recommend the use of calling cards, as hotels may still charge you.
  • What meals are included?
    A full breakfast and dinner at the hotel are included daily. Coffee and tea are served at breakfast, but beverages other than water at dinner will be a supplemental charge. Lunches are only included when specified. ls the water safe to drink? ln Egypt, we STRONGLY recommend that you drink only bottled water. ln Israel & Jordan the water is safe. Bottled water will be available on bus for purchase daily.
  • Will I be able to hear my guide?
    For your convenience, we are providing headsets to all groups of 15 or more people. These will allow you to stay connected to your guide, even in crowded or noisy areas.
  • How long is the typical touring day?
    On most days, you will depart the hotel between 8:00-9:00am and will return late afternoon, around 5:00- 6:00pm. Your guide will announce the daily schedule.
  • What are the buses like?
    The deluxe touring coaches are air conditioned & accommodate approximately 50 to 55 passengers.
  • Are there restrooms onboard the bus?
    In Egypt, there is a restroom on the bus. In Israel & Jordan there are not restrooms on the bus, how ever sufficient stops will be made for the comfort of our guests.
  • Entry to Israel
    *Please Note: Israel does not stamp your passport, instead, they give you a card containing all your personal information. This rule applies to tourists who enter either overland or by air. It is important that you keep this card in your wallet (it is about the size of a credit card), at all times during your stay.
  • How much money should i bring?
    This is a personal decision. NOT included in your tour costs are: Optional Tours (paid in cash directly to your guide), shopping, lunches & extra tipping (unless stated other­ wise in your brochure). We recommend taking a minimum of $500 in cash.
  • What about tipping?
    Prepaid gratuities have been collected for the porters as well as hotel dining & housekeeping staff. However, if you request any special services from the staff, an additional tip would be appropriate. Small tips of $1 or so would also be appropriate for your lunches and occasional other services (such as using the restroom at a church). Your guide will let you know when this is expected. Love Offering: unless included in your package, there will be a voluntary love offering collected for your guide and driver. The suggested amount is $6 per person, per day for your guide and $3 per person, per day for your driver. Your bus captain will pass around an envelope for this collection towards the end סf your trip.
  • What type of currency is used?
    Shekels in Israel, Pounds in Egypt and Dinars in Jordan. However, US currency is widely accepted. We suggest you take a good supply of small bills: 1s, 5s, 10s, etc.
  • Should I exchange money before I go?
    This is not necessary, but if you prefer to have local currency, you can exchange it at your local bank or the airport. Currency exchange may not be available at the hotel, so if you plan to exchange, do so before you leave the airport.
  • Will ATM machines be available?
    ATMs are available at local banks and most hotels. You will receive funds in the local currency. NOTE: You will likely be charged a fee and may be subject to daily withdrawal limits.
  • What about traveler's checks & credit cards?
    We do not recommend the use of traveler's checks as you may experience difficulty using and/or cashing them. You may also be subject to significant handling fees. Credit cards can be used for most purchases. IMPORTANT: Before you travel, contact your bank or credit card company to notify them סf your travels to avoid difficulty using your card overseas.
  • Will I be able to shop while on the tour?
    Definitely! Time will be allotted for shopping severaltimes through the tour. NOTE: Any purchases made are at your own risk. We are not responsible for your dissatisfaction with any purchases. Guides are not authorized to recommend any stores or shops on our behalf.
  • What are the US customs regulations?
    A returning US resident is allowed $800 in duty-free purchases. Gifts may be mailed to the US duty free, but are limited to $100 per person, per day.
  • What is VAT?
    VAT (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax of at least 17% that is charged for most goods in Israel,Egypt and Jordan. This amount is part of the price, not added at the register. It is possible to claim back most of this tax for Israel. The best way to do this is to see if the retailer you are buying from is affiliated with tax-free shopping. \f so, they will give you instructions for your refund. Generally, all you have to do is collect a completed form from the store which lists your purchases. You MUST have this form stamped by customs when you leave the country.
  • What will the weather be like?
    Afternoons may be hot, depending on the season, while morning and evenings may be cool. Please consult the averages below for the region: Spring: 62*F Fall: 75*F Summer: 77*F Winter: 52*F
  • What type of clothing should bring?
    Your best option is to bring clothing you can layer that is loose-fitting and casual. A hat, sunglasses and a poncho are also a good idea. Some days will involve long rides and/or a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must! NOTE: At many holy sites, both men and women are expected to have their shoulders and knees covered. Please check with your guide for any clothing restrictions for the following day
  • What about my prescription medication?
    Bring your medicines in their original containers along with a copy of your prescription as well as the generic name. If you have medication which needs to be refrigerated, you must inform our office at least 105 days prior to the tour so that we can make appropriate arrangements with the airlines and hotels.
  • I have limited mobility. What special facilities are available?
    Due to the lack of handicapped accessible facilities, person's needing wheelchairs or ambulatory assistance will find travel on this program quite difficult and will find many sites to be inaccessible.
  • How much walking is there each day?
    While this will vary, expect to walk 1-3 miles daily over varying terrain (stairs, cobblestone, etc.). This will be intermittent and often there will be somewhere to pause for rest. If you are concerned about the difficulty, you may either stay on the bus or sit nearby.Your guide will let you know your options at each site.
  • What about travel insurance?
    If you purchased the Travel Protection Plan through our company, both cancellation & medical coverage is provided. It is important to note however, that services must be paid for at the time rendered. Upon your return to the US, a claim will need to be filed directly with the insurance provider. Please review the Travel Protection Plan information that has been included in your pre-tour literature for more details.
  • What if I lose something on the tour?
    Leave valuables at home! Double- check your belongings when leaving the plane, hotel & bus. We can­ not assume responsibility for your lost items.
  • Have any lectures or religious services been planned?
    Refer to your specific brochure for this information.
  • Is there any free time?
    Most days will be quite full with touring. If you have a free day, it will be listed in your itinerary. Should you choose to skip a day of touring (itinerary permitting), please let your guide know in advance.Your evenings are yours to use as you choose.
  • Any last-minute items I shouldn't forget?
    Passport, another form of 10, flight information, Bible, sunglasses, camera (with extra batteries & memory cards), converter & adapter, prescriptions, money & sundry toilet items.
  • Any other tips?
    Yes, here's a few... Pack light. (Save room for souvenirs!) Bring copies of important documents like your passport & prescriptions. Be on time for the bus and prepared to rotate seats. Keep all your receipts. Settle personal charges at the hotel thenight before you check out. Remember: You are a guest in a foreign country. Customs and food will be different than at home. Be respectful of the culture and embrace the
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