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13 Day Holy Land Pilgrimage San Rafael Catholic Church

May 28, 2023

Led by: 

Fr. Niru Kanmury

Hillier Margaret

durchschnittliches Rating ist 4 von 5
This experience was wonderful for the most part. The guide in Jordan was excellent. The guide in Israel was good. In the future pilgrims need to be warned about the food in Israel. According to an Israeli Doctor there is a list of items we should not have been eating. The lack of that warning in the beginning of the Israel portion caused a signifcant amount of people to get gastro/intestinal issues. When we arrived in Jordan a few of us did not get our luggage. We went 5 days without it. There was not much urgency in assisting us with this inconvenience. The itinerary of locations was a moving experience. The guides were very informative. Fr. NIru's insights were invaluable. This experience was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! I look forward to doing another Pilgrimage in the near future.

England & The Catholic Heritage in 11 Days

May 29, 2023

Led by: 

Fr. Sam Morehead

Margy Frank

durchschnittliches Rating ist 5 von 5
This was an amazing tour! Thank you for setting it up. It was so much better than I imagined it could be. I've not done a pilgrimage before, and it was a wonderful introduction to a whole new way to see the world. Our tour guide, Alex Robinson, was fabulous- a real font of information who was very engaging, informative, and generally delightful. Father Sam was a real treasure. England is a fantastic pilgrimage, there is so much history there. I would do this tour again and bring friends! Thank you! Margy Frank
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